If you have trouble receiving articles on your Kindle device or app, please make a note of

  1. The Kindle email address you're sending to (ends in or
  2. The email address you're sending from.

Once you have those, go over the following list.

1. Are your articles appearing in 'Pending Deliveries' or 'Personal Documents' on the Manage Your Kindle page?

If they appear in these lists, your articles are reaching your Amazon account via our service. If they appear but you still cannot find them on your Kindle, check the points below.

If they do not appear in these lists, check point 4.

2. Is the Kindle address the right one associated with your device?

Each device gets its own unique address, so if, for example, you use the Kindle iPad application and a Kindle Paperwhite, you will have two Kindle email addresses. Make sure the address you're sending to is the one associated with the device you're using to receive those articles. See the e-mail address page.


If you have archiving enabled on your Amazon account, you will be able to access articles sent to one of your other devices, but these may not show up automatically on your home screen.

3. Is your Kindle device connected to a Wi-Fi/3G network?

You will not be able to access articles sent to your Kindle address if your device is not connected to a wireless network.

If the address you're sending to ends in and is associated with a 3G Kindle device, you should make sure you're connected to a Wi-Fi network, and not 3G, to receive the article.

4. Is the send from address listed in your 'Approved Personal Document E-Mail List'

Amazon only accepts articles to your Kindle account if they arrive from an address in your 'approved' list. So check that the address you're sending from appears in this list - and add it if it doesn't. We have instructions on how to do this on the e-mail address page.