# Introduction

PDF Newspaper (opens new window) lets you create printable versions of web articles and news feeds. PDF Newspaper can produce a 2-column A4/Letter PDF, a single-column A5 PDF, or an editable HTML version linked to a print stylesheet.

A4 A5

# Developers

PDF Newspaper is a free software PHP application for making simple, newspaper-style PDFs from web articles, feeds, and even OPML files. Designed to be run as a web service, but one which you control.

# Simple Print (beta)

Simple Print (opens new window) builds on PDF Newspaper to make printing web articles even simpler and more convenient. It uses our Full-Text RSS to extract the article's content and PDF Newspaper to produce a clean HTML copy. It then relies on Headless Chromium to generate the PDF.

To avoid situations where an article will use an extra printed page for a small overrun, Simple Print produces 3 PDFs behind the scenes with varying font sizes and keeps the copy with the fewest pages and largest font size.