# Kindle Personal Documents Features

In October 2011, Amazon announced changes to its Kindle personal documents service (the same service we use to delivery web articles to your Kindle). Here's the email in full:

Dear Kindle Customer,

As a past user of the Kindle Personal Documents Service, we are pleased to let you know about some improvements:

  • Your documents are now automatically archived in your Kindle library (you can control this from the Manage Your Kindle page at www.amazon.co.uk/manageyourkindle)

  • Archived documents can be re-downloaded from your archive to the all-new Kindle, as well as Kindle Keyboard (Kindle 3rd Generation--requires the latest software update v3.3 from www.amazon.co.uk/kindlesoftwareupdates) – you will be able to find and download your documents from any of these devices that are registered to your account.

  • Now (just as with Kindle books) Whispersync automatically synchronises your last page read, bookmarks and annotations for your documents (with the exception of PDFs) across devices.

We expect to extend these features to Kindle apps (such as Kindle for Android, Kindle for iPhone, Kindle for PC and Kindle for Mac) in the coming months.

You can control these new features from the Manage Your Kindle page at www.amazon.co.uk/manageyourkindle where you can see a list of your archived documents, re-deliver documents to your Kindle, delete any document from archive, or even turn off archiving for your account.

Learn more about the Kindle Personal Documents Service from our help pages at www.amazon.co.uk/kindlepersonaldocuments.

Thank you for choosing Kindle,

Amazon Kindle Support