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Combining two XPATHs in body: (site configuration for theregister.co.uk)

Hi, I've been trying to edit a custom config site for theregister.co.uk and the body: is not working. Here's my config: single_page_link: //link[contains(@href, 'm.theregister')] stri...

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Images are broken in feed

Hi! I can't get blogs from United Bloggers to work correctly (self hosted). The images are broken, and it seems like an issue with encoding? Two test feeds: http://www.julianyland.com/feed/ http://...

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Replace the title

Hello, I have a RSS with a truncated title name, i can get the full title from the content h1, editing the site config with a line like that title: //h1 will not replace the final title. what am i mis...

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Custom site

Hello, I have a site with rss by categories, for example: http://site.com/xbox/rss.xml http://site.com/ps4/rss.xml I have made in custom/ directory the file site.com.txt, Now, i want different rules ...

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Extract RSS from Table

I'm working through an iframe'd careers page (http://ideo.mycompas.com/corp/consol_careers/careers_source.aspx) and it's a large table. Is there a way for me to extract RSS entries from each row ...

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Prevent GUID Re-write

My question exceed max length of 5KB, so posting it here : http://pastebin.com/sCDKQ6AW Thanks! :)

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Full Text RSS from Blog (WP) with Pagination

Hi, i am experimenting with your solution. the only problem that i have is with posts on multiple pages (pagination). your service returns just the first page. The article as no "One Page Option" j...

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error updating

I am using : http://byoextractor.com/rss/admin/update.php?key=bc1f78e7c84bb950b2b603ee658cacb31bc63f28 to update the patterns but I am getting this error message every time: Update site patterns Updated si...

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[unable to retrieve full-text content] for EVERY website!!!

I am unable to extract ANY website or article. I'm currently using the latest version of WAMP and version 3.4 of Full Text RSS. Here is the debug output for a Forbes feed: * APC is disabled or not avai...

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unable to retrieve full-text content

Hi Guys, I am frequently getting the problem of "unable to retrieve full-text content" for our news items. Sample URL: http://hosted2.ap.org/atom/APDEFAULT/347875155d53465d95cec892aeb06419 I ...

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