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Full-Text RSS fails for http://wandelhalle.ch/feed/

Any idea why Full-Text RSS cannot create a full-text feed from http://wandelhalle.ch/feed/?

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Queries - as No Simple steps found to Start

Hi, I want to buy fivefilters, But I'm NOT SURE - whether to go for monthly plan or for Installation plan My requirements are - (1) I've some feeds in Feedly - for which feedly shows last 2000...

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custom rss for websites

Hi, although i tried to post in another thread for the same topic, but was NOT able to post in it as "the maximum number of replies was received" message was shown in that post. My question is v...

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Can anyone get RSS to full text urls into IFTTT and then grab them and add them to another action, like add to Evernote. I look at the IFTTT log and I get tons of errors, but have to wait 3 hours between tests...

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[unable to retrieve full-text content] - Dailymail

Hi I have recently purchased Full Text Extractor but cant seem to make it work with Dailymail.co.uk. I get [unable to retrieve full-text content] and just the first line. Can anyone please help fix this ple...

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RSS shows just last 10 articles

Hi I'm using self-hosted Full-Text Rss. I've added RSS feed: http://forsal.pl/atom/forsal to Full-Text Rss: http://duszek00.cba.pl/full-text-rss/makefulltextfeed.php?url=forsal.pl%2Fatom%2Fforsa...

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The collection of existing site patterns is extensive. Is there a way to take to take that collection and make it and OMPL file that can be imported to a number of RSS tools? Then, I would already know the sour...

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Full-Text RSS 3.4 Not extracting

Gday, I am trying to extract the articles on this page: http://www.nbnnews.com.au/index.php/category/nthn-rivers-sport/feed/ And only some of the descriptions are returned, it appears true on the fivefilt...

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BBC News - Content only

Hi. I have recently purchased Full-Text RSS with the aim of scraping news articles from an RSS feed but I only want to capture the title & contents of the articles for data mining purposes. How might I g...

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Processing backlogs

I have a ton of archived HTML files that I'd like to process through Full-Text RSS for content extraction *only*. How can I do this efficiently? The files are all on disk, and there's no direct URL to...

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