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Local image caching

Is it possible to add option for caching of large images and converting small ones into data-URI form when downloading and then replacing links in the feed to those of cached images? I think it will be great fe...

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Releasedate 3.0

Hi there I bought your Solution some days ago. Unfortunatly i didn't realise that there are some problems with google reader and it's updateintervall. Is there any releasedate for 3.0 becouse at the ...

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match div's id suffix

Hello, In a site I am interested in, the id of the div that contains the full article changes from time to time. Right now this works: body: //div[@id='_ctl10__ctl0_Article'] But soon the id will ...

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"readability" tag

Hi, i'm having trouble with the "readability" tag and i would like to disable it, it deforms my generate page and breaks it... Is there a way i can disable it? i'm using a self hosted ...

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Errors due to non-English feed URL?

Fantastic app - but with the new 2.9.1 version my Chinese language feeds aren't being recognised - presumably because parts of the feed URL is in Chinese as opposed to unicode? Feed used to work fine with ...

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custom pattern not working for specific feed

Hi, I have setup the hosted version on my server. I try to make pattern for the feeds of this site: http://www.real.gr/?page=rss Whatever pattern I try does not take and the result I get seem to be auto extr...

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format and html url params

Can you guys tell me what version of the software these were added in? I don't see them in the changelog, and stuffing them on the end of my 2.5 self-hosted version's urls doesn't change anything...

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Extraction Patterns

Hi, I'm trying to extract the content from an RSS but aftrex extraction I find some unwanted rows of words. I checked the original html file to try to skip this part of the article bu I noticed that the i...

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Not sure how to download mobi files using Kindle It

Unless I'm reading incorrectly, I should be able to download web pages as mobi files, but for some reason, after downloading the add-on for Firefox, I can't figure out how to go about downloading.

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Feed URL not recognizable

Hello, I'm writing because I want to put generated rss ( from fivefilter ) to my wordpress rss agregator (FeedWordpress Plugin). But I only get "feed not recognizable". I think the URL provided b...

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