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rss sources is password-protected site

I use FTRSS to extract the (customised feeds) from one of the EU's sites (ted.europa.eu) - recently however, the site in question made changes to its policy and requires authentication; since then, FTRSS d...

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save as epub

Hi, This app used to have a feature where I could save webpages as epub, but I can't seem to do that anymore... does that s till work?

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Anyone has success in removing Objects?

I'm trying to take out a flash object from the feed. It starts with the following tag and lies within the RSS body. RSS Body ID is ContentContainer: object type="application/x-shockwave-flash"...

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FTR explicitly adding slashes in design-pattern

I think this might be a bug. I'm using a self-hosted FTR. Everytime i save the following design-pattern: title://div[contains(@id, "ContentContainer")]/h3 body://div[contains(@id,"Con...

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RSS feed with media tags

Hi parser works great when it comes to normal RSS feeds, but stumbles greatly when RSS is actually a media feed - http://www.rssboard.org/media-rss For most part parser works, but with 2 problems: * ther...

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max items

hi, i would like to increase the maxitems number to 30 item any help would be appreciated thanks

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Unable to retrieve content from this feed

Hello guys, I just encountered a problem. For some reason, Full-Text Rss is unable to extract the content from the following feed: http://desmotivaciones.es/rss.xml I am using the following site patterns: t...

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Is your service down?

Hi - when I click on the "Create Feed" button I get "This page cant be displayed". I have tried with several rss urls but get the same error message. Thanks Thomas

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Is there a way to give converted pdf files meaningful names? The pdf conversions are great, but I can't tell which document is which because they're all named 'Converted-PDF'. Thanks.

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Cannot encode new keys after moving servers

Hello, I just moved my installation from one server to another. Everything seems to be working well except when I try to restrict the access to the feeder to "access key users only" (key holders) ...

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