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Code parts loading in only one line

Good afternoon, I am using Full-Text 3.5 to load some websites from a rss source (You can use this feed for example https://www.mikesdotnetting.com/feed) and I'm finding that the code blocks are format...

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double titles

almost all of my feeds have double titles (title repeats itself) after fulltextrss gets hold of them how can i end this antisocial and sociopathic behavior?

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button press

There is a site of author's comics and translations, acomics.ru. For a long time I use it and there is RSS feed with subscriptions. Found a way to get the contents, an example. https://acomics.ru/~Dark-...

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Syntax of "http_header(cookie):" for Multiple Cookies

The release notes of version 3.5 only say "http_header(cookie): Blablabla" about the syntax of the cookie header. How to set multiple cookies? Some of the tries I made: http_header(cookie): a=te...

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The text has not been sent completelly and I've tried 3 times already.

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Errors on some articles

Hello, I'm a developer that is testing your products and services and evaluating further usage. I think it's a wonderful service, however we are having troubles with some articles, they return an erro...

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Boston Globe

Hi, Im trying to read The Boston Globe, but I get "[unable to retrieve full-text content]". Spesifically this link; https://www.bostonglobe.com/sports/patriots/2017/12/24/rob-gronkowski-always-has...

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Use of cookie jar

I use term-extraction of which feed reader is part. I see that there is a library wich contains a script to use a cookie jar. But I do not find any documentation on how to use this. The comments in the script a...

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bing image

hi full text rss can't show link below please help thank you feed url: https://www.bing.com/HPImageArchive.aspx?format=rss&idx=0&n=1&mkt=en-US

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Shortcut Keys

I believe there was/is a shortcut key to open the app (rather than clicking on the icon). Am I wrong?

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