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How to use next-page link correctly

Hi, can someone give me an example how to use next-page link correctly in feed? e.g. this page: www.lovemysurface.net/category/how-to/ There are only 8 items on page, the following items are on the next-pa...

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Feed creator down?

Why is http://createfeed.fivefilters.org/ down?

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Not working when a tag has two attributes

BUG No results for: Submitted parameters ( [url] => pony.fivefilters.org/TEXT [in_id_or_class] => [url_contains] => Pony-Search ) <a href="Pony-Search/TEXTEXTEXT.html&...

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CSS version

What CSS version is supported by the CSS selector in the Feed Creator? I need to extract date from <td nowrap="nowrap" class="col-xs-1 recordListDate">11/5/15</td> item_date=...

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Feed Creator down?

I used your Feed Creator for a while now and I was very happy with it. Unfortunately this Service seems to be down for a while now. Is this an issue that will be fixed soon? Regards Simon

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Sistem requirements

Hi, I had bought business license for Feedcreator and tried to installl it When I tried to combine two RSS feeds using From feeds Tab/ Fatal error: Call to undefined function mb_internal_encoding() in /hom...

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feed creator push feed

Is push feed for the feed creator built in to this? is it possible to implement? Thanks

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How often does feed creator update the RSS feeds created

Hi, I have the selfhosted version of feed creator and just wondering how often the RSS feeds update? Is it every hour, every day or as it happens? Is there any way to change this? Thanks

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Creating feed from Facebook Page

Is it possible to use feed creator to create an RSS/XML feed from a Facebook page? If so, do you by chance have instructions on how to best accomplish this?

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empty title (first post in feed has no title, what to do)

Hello all, I have a question about Feed creator. Sometimes when I create feed for some site, only the first post title is empty ([No title]), why? In site pattern document I have checked so: title: //div[@cl...

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