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Allowed polling intervals

Hi! Are there any restrictions on the polling intervals with your free Feed Creator service? Is there a chance of being blocked, if my RSS reader will poll the created RSS feeds every hour? Thanks in adva...

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Feed deletion after inactivity

Hi! Since I couldn't find any FAQ regarding your Feed Creator, I want to know if a created RSS feed will be deleted automatically after a certain time of inactivity (i.e. no one requests a feed for this...

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Feed Creator Down

My created feeds dont seem to be working

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how to creat a feed from weibo


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Feed Creator - Receiving

I receive the error message saying "Failed!" when I try to preview an example or a custom url on my self-hosted version of Feed Creator. However, the same URLs and examples work on the FiveFilters.org...

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How to use next-page link correctly

Hi, can someone give me an example how to use next-page link correctly in feed? e.g. this page: www.lovemysurface.net/category/how-to/ There are only 8 items on page, the following items are on the next-pa...

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Feed creator down?

Why is http://createfeed.fivefilters.org/ down?

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Not working when a tag has two attributes

BUG No results for: Submitted parameters ( [url] => pony.fivefilters.org/TEXT [in_id_or_class] => [url_contains] => Pony-Search ) <a href="Pony-Search/TEXTEXTEXT.html&...

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CSS version

What CSS version is supported by the CSS selector in the Feed Creator? I need to extract date from <td nowrap="nowrap" class="col-xs-1 recordListDate">11/5/15</td> item_date=...

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Feed Creator down?

I used your Feed Creator for a while now and I was very happy with it. Unfortunately this Service seems to be down for a while now. Is this an issue that will be fixed soon? Regards Simon

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