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Hi, Any idea why http://www.scoop.it/t/veille-sur-l-eco-construction doesn't work (failed!) ? I try with some others URL and it was good ... Philippe

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Ne créé plus de flux rss version 1.3

Je n'arrive plus à créer des flux rss. Quand je colle l'adresse url, il "échoue". Y a t'il une nouvelle version de feed creator fivefilter.org???

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Fetch image and c

Is there any option to fetch images from site (article image) while creating RSS feed? e.g. http://sambad.in/news/india-and-beyond/ (page for creating feed) id or class : article (css title) output url...

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Feed Creator not functioning correctly

I cannot get the Feed Creator working properly on either of my servers. I run up-to-date WordPress blog installs on both of these servers, with no problems - if that tells you anything about their PHP status. ...

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Concatenate fields in one item_desc

Hi, I was wondering if there is a possibility to concatenate multiple class inside an item class. For example if we have the following page with some article, each one has the class "environ-news&quo...

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unique_url in merged feeds?

Is there a way to get `unique_url=0` in Merged feeds?

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Generate feed entry for items without a URL

I'm very interested in your Feed Creator and already created successful various feeds with your demo. Is it possible to generate feed items for a part of a website (selected with a unique CSS selector),...

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Item selector does not work :(

Hello, I bought recently Feed Creator, and I'm trying to create a feed with item selector. I'm trying with Amazon Deals for example, but it doesn't work for me. URL: https://www.amazon.es/g...

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Make each "text_contains" parameter independent

Hello, I'm trying to use multiple "text_contains" parameters in the config file (as saved parameter) for a huge number of URLs (I'm self-hosted). However, I do not want the script to chec...

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Parsing Pages that are slow

Is there any parameter to improve the waiting time of the feed creator for those html page that are extremely slow? I am struggling in parsing a page that takes 30s Thanks.

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