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user's kindle mail adress

Where can I find my kindle mail adress ?@free.kindle.com ???

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Send selected text to Kindle

It would be great if you add an option to send a selected text to Kindle. Thanks,

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Store Email in Bookmarklet

When I use the Bookmarklet or the Browserextension and click the button to send the current page to my kindle, it´s always ask me to enter the Email address. My Browser delete the cookie on exit. One way to p...

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Button not working

The push to kindle button is not working anymore in firefox. I re-installed the addon but the problem does not disappear. Can you help?

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How to use email to push web page to @iduokan.com account?

I do know how to use email service to push web page to kindle account to change the email postfix. But I confuse how to push it to Duokan account just like *@iduokan.com? Do you do some test for this scenario? ...

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please add pictures sent service with push to kindle

Hi,I am a user of push to kindle service from mainland ,CHINA.First,I want to thank you for this service much better than Amazon`s. I just wonder if you can add pictures sent service when I push the article to...

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Change article filename in Android app

I use the Android app on my Energy Sistem eReader Pro to download to the SD card. This allows me to read the article in the Kindle app or the default eBook app, FBReader. I prefer FBReader but the filenames...

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Can I push a feed as book?

Is there a way I can push an entire feed (or a collection of links) to kindle as a single book with an index?

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RTL Languagrs

Hi! Your Add-on is very good and working very well for left to right languages! but not for right to left languages. please convert our right to left texts in new mode of mobi(i mean kf8). then i can read r...

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Suggestion for Chrome extension enhancement

At present, all the chrome extension does is open the kindle-it with the URL parameter of the requested page. Most of the sites that I tend to push to kindle are already tried and tested. That means I don&#x...

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