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Firefox 29 and Push to kindle

So I have the Push to kindle icon up in the FF toolbar. The upgrade does not even show a Push to Kindle icon among the toolbar options. I can switch to the keyboard shortcut, but would have preferred the ic...

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Send-to-Pocketbook support

Will you ever support Send-to-Pocketbook? It is a service for Pocketbook ereaders and it's very similar to Amazon's Send-to-Kindle. The only difference is that Send-to-Pocketbook email addresses end ...

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Couldn't work on Chrome with Chinese

I don't know why it couldn't work well on Chrome with Chinese website(http://dapenti.com/blog/more.asp?name=xilei&id=87650). It works quite well with Firefox on my another computer(even the same w...

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Bulk push to kindle

It'd be good if we could enter a list of URLs to be pushed to kindle. Currently I have to enter one by one and preview the result, then send to Kindle. If I try to send many urls, then the page freezes. I&...

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push to kindle.cn in Android device

how can i use push to kindle app in Android device to push content to kindle.cn?

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When will you update your app?

Team of fivefilters, Hi, Happy to know that you would add kindle.cn and iduokan.com to your next update of app, cause I am the user of both. I have looked for such a tool for long, and through the infor...

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Readers comments

Push to kindle seems to remove readers comments from web pages and blogs. Is there any way this can sent to kindle. Right now I try to use the Pastepad just for the comments. But it is a time consuming worka...

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Kindle E-mail Address stored?

Will the Kindle E-mail Address be stored in a cookie? As I delete all cookies on exit, any idea to prevent loss (FF 21)

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