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feature request

Hi, after we've pressed the send button for a particular website the first time, it would be great if there could be an option tick box for 'auto-send' to save us clicking send each and every tim...

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Request: Better formatting for code blocks

https://dev.to/oddlyfunctional/the-poor-misunderstood-decorator is a good example of an article with a bit of code that renders poorly in Push to Kindle. I wouldn't expect anything fancy, like syntax highl...

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Character encoding

Push to Kindle fails to recognize Portuguese characters. It should have a way to choose from different character encoding settings, so it would be possible to convert books from languages other than English.

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Shorcut on Firefox

I'm running Firefox on OS X. Push to Kindle's shortcut no longer work. Why is that?

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The website cannot be sent to my kindle completely

The website cannot be sent to my kindle completely,more articles will be shown when you click "more" ,and these things cannot be sent to my kindle.

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Is there a way to send articles to kindle PW without sending it to the cloud?

Hello! I have been using "push to kindle" from fivefilters.org for a quite while now and I greatly admire this app, I actively used it for almost a year in order to read articles from my favorite mag...

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Saving Send To and Send From Addresses

Push to Kindle does not save my "Send to" and "Send from" addresses. How do I fix that?

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Not Recognizing software code

I have just installed the extension on Safari to send an article to my kindle, but it don't recognize github codes added to the article. Look: https://medium.com/ios-os-x-development/ios-architecture-patt...

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Cannot change the Heading in Pastepad. Why not?

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Push to Kindle button

Where do I find the button that I am to push to will send my Firefox web page to my Kindle. I don't see any button.

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