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error sending file to kindle

Hey, I get this error for following website: Sorry, couldn't create Kindle file. Please try again or report the problem. http://batteryuniversity.com/learn/article/charging_lithium_ion_batteries...

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Deletion of files after being sent to Kindle

Hi all, I asked on the Amazon forum about what happens to documents that I send to Kindle. I was told that they stay in my account on Amazon Drive (cloud) until I delete them. Sure enough, when I looked th...

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images in preview and pdf but not in mobi/epub

Hi, I tried different webpages and the pictures are shown in the preview and in a generated pdf, but are not embedded in the mobi or epub files (readed on a kindle 2014 or the reader from Calibre software). ...

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How to push to @kindle.cn (not @kindle.com) in a ios email client

Would you please tell us how to push to a @kindle.cn (not the normal @kindle.com) address for kindle account of amazon.cn for China. I know the web client of fivefilters.org has option to push to @kindle.cn,...

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feature request: right-click context menu

Hi, often, I do not need the "open the web-page -> click the push to kindle icon -> check the preview" steps when pushing articles to kindle, especially if these are blog posts from my favour...

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Is it OK to use Push To Kindle as an API?

Hi, I'd like to use the wonderful Push To Kindle service with an open-source application I'm developing. While the self-hosted version is not yet released, would it be OK if I used Push To Kindle'...

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user's kindle mail adress

Where can I find my kindle mail adress ?@free.kindle.com ???

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Send selected text to Kindle

It would be great if you add an option to send a selected text to Kindle. Thanks,

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Store Email in Bookmarklet

When I use the Bookmarklet or the Browserextension and click the button to send the current page to my kindle, it´s always ask me to enter the Email address. My Browser delete the cookie on exit. One way to p...

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Button not working

The push to kindle button is not working anymore in firefox. I re-installed the addon but the problem does not disappear. Can you help?

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