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No article, just code

This is the 2nd time this has happened. The P2K captures the article, but it's all in code: msDoNotTrack||“yes”===navigator.doNotTrack},t.isAdUnitCodeMatchingSlot=function(e){return function(t){return C(e...

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Language settings

If the text you are sending as mobi/epub is in a language other than English is there any way to change the embedded language settings to that language?

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Keyboard shortcut

There is no Options link in Add-ons for Push to Kindle. Is there a default keyboard shortcut and another way to set it/change it?

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No pictures in EPUB

Hi, I use your browser's plug-in for many years. I have some problems with pictures in EPUBs generated recently. I can see illustrations in preview window (Opera, Firefox), but they are not included in fi...

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Links to notes in article

I believe I posted my support elsewhere on the forum in a thread on the same theme, but can no longer find that question here... And I think perhaps that my contribution did not make it up for some reason. Anyw...

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section headings removed

Not a question. I'm reporting a problem with section headings removed by push to kindle for https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vSKRik_0TML9VSCr1cxwYt3_aUvoIxOgUNtr1e1fqauE1moRbvHwPoQvplNyrvvGORjiI...

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Lodash.com docs don't print completely

Hi, I was impressed with your service but I can't get some web site to load properly, e.g. https://lodash.com/docs/4.17.5 only prints the first entry instead of the entire documentation. Can't you all...

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Text not extracted


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Symbols instead of letters with accents.

In some pages, after page conversion to .mobi, letters with accents are switched to strange symbols. For example, "á" is changed to "�" (without quotation marks). This link &...

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code or pre tags in content will mess parse up

<code> or <pre> tags in the content will mess things up. Example page: http://help.fivefilters.org/customer/portal/questions/17250366-html-tags-in-content-will-make-the-parsed-result-a-mess ...

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