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Self-hosted version

Usually, I know better, than to ask such a question. But, this is such a useful piece of software, that I cant resist. So, if I may ask, how far away are we from a self-hosted package being made available?

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No PUSH to @co.uk ???

As I understand it, FiveFilters have not [yet] enabled Kindle-It for users with a @co.uk address. Can you tell me if this is planned? And if so - when? This seems to me to be a terrific idea, and I look ...

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Can I change file name (article name) sent from browser to my Kindle?

Can I change file name (article name) sent from browser to my Kindle? Currently document in the Kindle is saved under Web page title - I would like to give better name while I send it from browser. Thanks...

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Integration Kindle It to website

Is it possible to integrate Kindle it to website, to give to users opportunity to save articles and send them to readers buy clicking icons?

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successfully linked fivefilters to my kindle and a radio station's podcasts showed up in list form, but when I click on individual podcast, nothing happens; I'm trying to install podcasts-audio-to my ...

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Missing Kindle-It button

I installed Kindle-It in Firefox 11.0. No button appeared on my toolbar. I clicked on the link to drag the button to the bookmarks toolbar. No button appeared in my bookmarks toolbar. I don't even know wha...

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Does Kindle it firefox extension support images conversion?

Hi, I found this awesome extension so useful and thanks you guys for your great job. But, the image in the web page seems can not be displayed in the preview page and it can no be displayed on my kindle keyboar...

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multiple page article

The article I want to send from the web to my Kindle is 5 pages long, reading on the web there's a link at the bottom of each page to go to the next. Is there a way to get the whole article on my kindle? ...

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how can i change the shortcut key of the "kindle it" add-on?

the default shortcut key of "kindle it" is ctrl+shift+k",it 's not convenient for me,so i want to redefine the shortcut key (such as “k”,just one key)of this addon,what should i do to deal w...

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Sending authenticated page to kindle

Hi, I have seen from the way email-to-kindle scripts work, the content is fetched independently and thus when authentication is required the script can only email a 'login required' screen. is ther...

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