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blog comments

I read many of my blogs in a "periodical" sent to my kindle from the klip.me google reader to kindle service. Some of those blogs are ones that I do occasionally want to read the comments on. Is the...

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kindle for mac

My Kindle for Mac (free app) seems to have no kindle email address associated with it. It appears as a device in Amazon under "Manage Your Kindle" -- "Manage Your Devices", but without an em...

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file now in quotes

For the past couple of days, files delivered via @free.kindle.com arrive with names in quotes, e.g. "myFile.azw", requiring them to be renamed before they can be read. Is this change due to something ...

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Kindle PC

How do i use push to kindle for the PC. I have the android version and that works great with the kindle android app but i cant see how the Chrome version sends to a kindle for pc. The kindle for pc has no email...

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Duokan and mail configuration

Hi, I'm a user of your application for sending web pages to the kindle. Is there a way to change the mail address so that Duokan (an alternative operative system for kindle devices) users can receive a...

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Self-hosted version

Looking forward to it. Thanks for your response. Great 3.0 release btw!!

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Self-hosted version

Usually, I know better, than to ask such a question. But, this is such a useful piece of software, that I cant resist. So, if I may ask, how far away are we from a self-hosted package being made available?

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No PUSH to @co.uk ???

As I understand it, FiveFilters have not [yet] enabled Kindle-It for users with a @co.uk address. Can you tell me if this is planned? And if so - when? This seems to me to be a terrific idea, and I look ...

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Can I change file name (article name) sent from browser to my Kindle?

Can I change file name (article name) sent from browser to my Kindle? Currently document in the Kindle is saved under Web page title - I would like to give better name while I send it from browser. Thanks...

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Integration Kindle It to website

Is it possible to integrate Kindle it to website, to give to users opportunity to save articles and send them to readers buy clicking icons?

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