Push to Kindle

Readers comments

Push to kindle seems to remove readers comments from web pages and blogs. Is there any way this can sent to kindle. Right now I try to use the Pastepad just for the comments. But it is a time consuming worka...

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Kindle E-mail Address stored?

Will the Kindle E-mail Address be stored in a cookie? As I delete all cookies on exit, any idea to prevent loss (FF 21)

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Could your app divide image when push a long image?

yes,it's me again.:P I offen read long weibo which means a long twitter in china.It's used to show content contains more than 140 words.So when the content contains many words as thousands of words...

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need offer a option to push content to amazon.cn

when will you guys add a @amazon.cn choice in your app? i saw @iduokan.com,but without @amazon.cn. thx a lot

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Email from fivefilters.org taking long time to reach Amazon?

The past few days, it seems when I use the Firefox or Chrome extension to push a page to Kindle, it may take several hours for the document to show up on my Amazon account. I tried emailing a PDF directly fr...

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Opera button goes to "invalid address"

The opera button just sends me to an invalid address using this url: opera:/button/Go%20to%20page,%22javascript%3Alocation.href%3D'http%3A%2F%2Ffivefilters.org%2Fkindle-it%2Fsend.php%3Furl%3D'%2Ben...

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blog comments

I read many of my blogs in a "periodical" sent to my kindle from the klip.me google reader to kindle service. Some of those blogs are ones that I do occasionally want to read the comments on. Is the...

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kindle for mac

My Kindle for Mac (free app) seems to have no kindle email address associated with it. It appears as a device in Amazon under "Manage Your Kindle" -- "Manage Your Devices", but without an em...

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