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Dutch news websites contain just cookie notice

Hi, Been using the full content rss feeds as my daily reader for some time but some websites in the Netherlands have this cookie notice, which take up the entire feed item. The cookie notice is forced upon b...

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Help creating site pattern, need to add image.

I am attempting to add photos to feeds from hosted2.ap.org I am trying the following in the hosted2.ap.org.txt file: body: //div[@class='ap_photo_wrapper']//img[@class='ap_photo'] bod...

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Extract Date from Articles?

Hi Guys! First of all, I really love your products, and have bought the hosted version for both Full-Text and Feed-Creator ;) Been testing it both with great results. I saw on the latest release the follo...

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Image not shown

Hi, I just test this rss feed: http://detik.feedsportal.com/c/33613/f/656124/index.rss Why the image not shown? Thanks

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feed creator; more than 20?

Hi, I was curious if there was away to combine more than 20 feeds using the feed creator tool? Would it work for me to combine 10 feeds into 1 feed, and repeat that 3 times so that I have 3 feeds and then c...

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img tags after parsing just return the alt value

Purchased this because of it's ability to easily be modified...and why reinvent the wheel. That being said it's late and I can't figure this out for the life of me... I've got two custom ...

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How to use item_desc?

Hello, I am trying to generate from http://www.tori.fi/uusimaa?f=&q=&cg=5030&w=1&st=s&st=g&c=0&ca=18&l=0&md=th The problem is, i cannot get the price shown on feed desc...

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Full-text for Forbes?

Forbes recently redesigned their website and I can't figure out how to create a site config file that will work. Using Full-Text RSS 3.4, but I've also tried with 3.5 here on FiveFilters -- no luck. ...

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Images are not showing in the Full Text RSS Feeds.

Images are not showing in the Full Text RSS Feeds. They are showing in the original rss feeds but not the full text rss versions. Why?

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I thought we can include one or more websites per feed.... is this not that case???

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