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Full-text for Forbes?

Forbes recently redesigned their website and I can't figure out how to create a site config file that will work. Using Full-Text RSS 3.4, but I've also tried with 3.5 here on FiveFilters -- no luck. ...

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Images are not showing in the Full Text RSS Feeds.

Images are not showing in the Full Text RSS Feeds. They are showing in the original rss feeds but not the full text rss versions. Why?

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I thought we can include one or more websites per feed.... is this not that case???

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Is there a plugin for the full text rss api and are we able to import these feeds as wordpress posts with a featured image? Also for the full text rss can it grab thee partial feeds but import the full artic...

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problems with retrieving date

Hello, we have difficulties with getting date from <small> tag. the example is <div class="pull-right"> <small class="muted">21.07.15 15:19</small> </div...

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CloudFlare & email obfuscation

I have a feed that uses CloudFlare for email obfuscation. When the feed article is scraped, these emails are converted to "email protected" and can't be retrieved. Wondering if anyone else has co...

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Something weird RSS and related question

http://help.fivefilters.org/customer/portal/questions/263879-differences-between-real-article-s-address-and-rss-s-address First of all, it's too late to buy your best product. So sorry for about it. ...

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Feed of 20 items is recognised as having only one item; a feed parsing bug?

The feed http://ftr.fivefilters.org/makefulltextfeed.php?url=http%3A%2F%2Fhackney.greenparty.org.uk%2Fnews.rss&max=3&debug is parsed as just one item, however it contains 20 items.

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Filtering options

Hi Keyvan, Would you add some filtering options to exclude feed items that contain certain keywords for example in the near future? If its impossible, could you tell us if you know any service that can do th...

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Problem with escaping characters

If I use the form and enter 'http://content.met.police.uk/cs/Satellite?c=MPSSafer_C&cid=1257246961010&feed=news&p=1257246745756&pagename=MPS_CMS_Internet/MPSRSSLayout' (without quote) ...

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