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og: Image

it doesnt properly insert og:image into post when theres no image also the [embed_content] tag shows instead of video thanks

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Length of Excerpt

Is there any way to control how big the excerpt is, when I choose that option - maybe by using an extra parameter in the request to specify the number of characters? The default length of the excerpt is to...

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Feed is not working

Hi, We are using the full text RSS 3.4 for more than a year. It is working fine. Now we have added the new feed URL feeds.feedburner.com/realclearpolitics/qlMj and it is not working. It is throwing a blank p...

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Host the self-hosted plan on my own computer

Can I host the self-hosted plan on my own computer if I turn it into an HTTP server? If so, should the pc meet any requirements? Thank you

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Suggest adding comma separated and semicolon separated output to Term Extraction

If you output in these formats, then the comma-separated output can be directly copied as "tags" for pasting in many office automation files (e.g., MS Word) and Note-taking tools such as Evernote, and...

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Unable to retrieve full-text content from Brookings

Hey, I'm trying to run the feeds for the Brookings Institute through the generator, and it keeps saying that it is unable to retrieve full-text content, and doesn't display even the partial article...

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Resizing/excluding images from full text feed

I only just started with this tool today and am working with the old version of Full-Text RSS prior to buying a package of tools - I can see lots of uses for the Newspaper creator! I want to syndicate my own...

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stubborn feed

I'm unable to scrape an article from this feed and am not sure why: http://feeds.feedblitz.com/bilskiblog&x=1 It uses a <published> node instead of a <pubDate> node for the item date. I...

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The icon for your add-on ("push to kindle") does not appear in the toolbar. I've tried everything to find it. Impossible. Thank you for trying to fix it. Tavi

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Site pattern image src contains

I'm trying to strip some images with a custom site pattern. Here is the image I am trying to strip from http://www.wikihow.com/Start-Your-Own-Country <img alt="Image titled Start Your Own Count...

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