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Incompatible white all image loading plugin

hi full text can't show pictures from websites that using image loading plugin or album and gallery plugin like Joomla Light Gallery plugin,WP lazy load plugin and other to much websites using that plug...

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Error makefulltextfeed.php

I have an error when fetch url:http://phuot.net/threads/ban-la-ai-hay-noi-cho-moi-nguoi-biet-di-nao.243/ This is pattern: body: //div[@class='messageContent']//img[contains(@src,'.jpg')]...

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Image from aside tag as a cover

Images contained in an <aside> tag are unnecessarily included in the ebook and sometimes such image is set as a cover, example: http://krytykapolityczna.pl/kraj/bakalarczyk-500-plus/ Please fix it.

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icon missing, Nothingbeing received by kindle, address is correct.

Icon not showing in menu/tool bar Acts as if being sent properly, correct kindle email entered but nothing received.

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unable to enter kindle address

Where do I enter the Kindle address? in the preferences of the app, there is a blank space (presumably to enter the address) but it just has a spinning "not ready" gif. Restarting Firefox does not h...

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sent, but failed to receive

it indicates "sent", but my kindle cannot get it.

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Create feed for a link

Hello its possible i create feed from this link using your script?: http://sunnatfeed.com/category/88/%D9%82%D8%B1%D8%A2%D9%86-%DA%A9%D8%B1%DB%8C%D9%85 please reply me, i want buy. thanks.

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Can not get images as featured images with wp-automatic plugins

Dear admin I am using self hosted that I bought from you before. the site is readspots.com and the source is feedserver.org/creator I can get all the text very good and also the images inside the news. B...

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Javascript links as future feature

Are you going to parse Javascript? Such feature would be very helpful for users to create feeds from websites which use Javascript links and to extract content from websites which use javascript to create artic...

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Translation of Daily telegraph "Premium" articles

The Daily Telegraph now has a "Premium" facility where certain articles are available only to subscribers. Anybody who isn't a subscriber gets the first few paragraphs of the article, then it&#x...

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