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image load problem

hi full text rss can't load image from website that using lazy-load plugin and shows (/wp-content/plugins/lazy-load/images/1x1.trans.gif/) instead original picture please fix it thank you https://wo...

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FiveFilters says: "[unable to retrieve full-text content]"

Dear fivefilters.com staff, I love using your feed-expander service. Thank you for such a helpful thing. The summary-only feed I'd like to convert into full text is http://s.bl-1.com/h/49dBcqh?url=h...

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Remote text " Let’s block ads! (Why?) "

Hi Bro, How to remote text " Let’s block ads! (Why?) " ? I optioned remote all link from feed content but don't delete Let’s block ads! (Why?) You can help me, please! Thanks bro,

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filter some text in feed

hi all There is a link below to see the content... PishkhaanSidebar.serverResponse(['<!--Title for 13950608--><p>simple title</p>','<!--g__ArmanRavabetOmoomi--><a ...

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Sorry, couldn't get info on latest site config files. Please try again later or contact us.

I have been getting this error for the past few weeks, is there something wrong with the feed? Running the following: Your version of Full-Text RSS: 3.6 Your version of Site Patterns: 2016-06-30T18:13:15...

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estimate of host or server

Hi We tested your script and wanna to say it's awesome. you have one q&a about choice between host or vps, here: http://help.fivefilters.org/customer/en/portal/articles/1143210-hosting there every...

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Images in New Yorker Feeds

Is there a way to parse images in to the New Yorker feeds? (http://www.newyorker.com/feed/business) They provide the main image as an og:image, which is passed into the parsed feed, however the image isn...

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Does Full-Text RSS still look for fingerprints in version 3.6? Just noticed that Wordpress sites run through FTR 3.6 don't match anything, whereas a fingerprint match is found for those same sites on my...

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og: Image

it doesnt properly insert og:image into post when theres no image also the [embed_content] tag shows instead of video thanks

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Length of Excerpt

Is there any way to control how big the excerpt is, when I choose that option - maybe by using an extra parameter in the request to specify the number of characters? The default length of the excerpt is to...

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