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images thumb

images thumb is not being extracted from the content? I'm using the auto method when using the method of extraction blank picture thumb is extracted

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Differences between real article's address and RSS's address

First of all, these character of below is the korean character. So, It could be error for rendering its webpages and RSS address. --------------------------------------------------------------------------...

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How do i strip a href tags out of the feed?

I am trying to just strip out the links from the feed I have set up a custom site pattern with " strip: //a " inside it but it doesnt work. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks

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Lost Conversions

I converted several documents this morning, but I had forgotten to add your email address to my amazon kindle acceptance list. I went in and did that, but the documents still haven't come through. Have I l...

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Char encoding problem

We have a problem with char encoding (self hosted). For exemple I used the URL of lemonde.fr that is used as an example in your site_config directory: (lemonde.fr.txt): www.lemonde.fr/economie/article/20...

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[BUG REPORT] Character missing in link

hello, I noticed that this character: ¿ is removed from the rss thus giving invalid links. For example: Instead of extracting: [correct url]: http://www.noticias365.com.ve/temas/sexologia-temas/infidel...

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Hi there When Convert Arabic pages it won't end up right could you please help me with this issue? Thank you for your great efforts.

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How to remove content text?

Hello! I am trying to remove in-content text, here is the url: http://salud.aollatino.com/2012/02/28/supersticiones-mitos-sexo/ The part I am trying to remove is at the end, just before a video: También...

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Extracting artciles from non rss pages

When extracting articles from a category page in a site that doesnt have rss, I am using single_page_link: [XPath] However, it is extracting only the first article. Can I use some sort of loop so it kee...

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Feed burner messing up with the dc:identifier

Have you noticed that when using a feed from feedburner, there's some google analytics code added the dc:identifier? I don't know about other users, but for us it's a major issue as we use this U...

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