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Downloading as EPUB

I have a Kobo and a Pandigital Novel. I want to save pages and download the results ad EPUB files. How can I do this?

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Howto remove repeated text from filtered feed?

Looking at the standard site_config folder I saw that one of my favourite feeds (http://www.anandtech.com/rss/) was profiled however the profile is from Instapaper and contains a directive that isn't suppo...

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Examples of "single_page_link_in_feed"

Are there site_config example that use "single_page_link_in_feed"? A search of the standard config directory yields only one: techmeme.com.txt Which works fine on the site it's intended for b...

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Full-Text RSS Always skipping images

I tested many feeds and 75% of them returns no images.. Can you please provide a complete documentation for writing the config file for each website ?

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using Rss in programing

I'm programming an iphone app and usually I use (pubDate) of the Rss to display the news date in the table and (description) to display the text .. How can I use the Rss after passing it to fivefilters .. ...

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I am interested in full-test RSS but I want to grab also the images. for example if I submit this url "http://mexico.cnn.com/nacional/2012/05/04/el-gobierno-de-veracruz-se-compromete-a-aclarar-muerte-de-p...

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Increase caching time

How can I increase the caching time? from what I understood, it's set by default to 10 minutes, where can I change this to more or less?

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how to send shanghaui to my kindle

how do i send the card game shanghaui to my kindle account.

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to send to my kindle articles

Hello, How can i do for sending to my kindle articles from my online subscriptio to New york review of books. Thank you

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problem with arabic


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