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Errors on OS X Lion Server

I have build 2.8 on my local Lion server AND an external server that I don't control. Both server return OK on the compatibility page. But both of them still spit this error: Warning: Couldn't fetc...

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Paragraph limit

I'm using the self-hosted version on a user submitted news site and would like to limit the total amount of content added to a feed article. I've searched the forum(s) and the closest topic I found wa...

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A problem and a suggestion

I've had some problems with trying to create a feed where items contain only one image and nothing else. I've tried to do it with the following line but it seems to always return an empty description....

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†in my feed output

I am getting this symbol †in my feeds and also the five filters script is not pulling in the images from the original rss feed. Is there a way to fix these two issues? Thanks

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Adding custom image or text under the Title.

Please help me to insert custom image(jpg) just below the title and subheading.

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Suggestion about links processing

It'll be pretty good if you replace this (due to a lot of international characters in links nowadays): $urls[$key] = $permalink; to this: function encodeURL($url) { $reserved = array('%2...

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Downloading as EPUB

I have a Kobo and a Pandigital Novel. I want to save pages and download the results ad EPUB files. How can I do this?

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Howto remove repeated text from filtered feed?

Looking at the standard site_config folder I saw that one of my favourite feeds (http://www.anandtech.com/rss/) was profiled however the profile is from Instapaper and contains a directive that isn't suppo...

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Examples of "single_page_link_in_feed"

Are there site_config example that use "single_page_link_in_feed"? A search of the standard config directory yields only one: techmeme.com.txt Which works fine on the site it's intended for b...

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Full-Text RSS Always skipping images

I tested many feeds and 75% of them returns no images.. Can you please provide a complete documentation for writing the config file for each website ?

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