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Full-Text RSS Always skipping images

I tested many feeds and 75% of them returns no images.. Can you please provide a complete documentation for writing the config file for each website ?

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using Rss in programing

I'm programming an iphone app and usually I use (pubDate) of the Rss to display the news date in the table and (description) to display the text .. How can I use the Rss after passing it to fivefilters .. ...

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I am interested in full-test RSS but I want to grab also the images. for example if I submit this url "http://mexico.cnn.com/nacional/2012/05/04/el-gobierno-de-veracruz-se-compromete-a-aclarar-muerte-de-p...

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Increase caching time

How can I increase the caching time? from what I understood, it's set by default to 10 minutes, where can I change this to more or less?

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how to send shanghaui to my kindle

how do i send the card game shanghaui to my kindle account.

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to send to my kindle articles

Hello, How can i do for sending to my kindle articles from my online subscriptio to New york review of books. Thank you

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problem with arabic


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images thumb

images thumb is not being extracted from the content? I'm using the auto method when using the method of extraction blank picture thumb is extracted

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Differences between real article's address and RSS's address

First of all, these character of below is the korean character. So, It could be error for rendering its webpages and RSS address. --------------------------------------------------------------------------...

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How do i strip a href tags out of the feed?

I am trying to just strip out the links from the feed I have set up a custom site pattern with " strip: //a " inside it but it doesnt work. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks

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