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Custom site pattern

How I can create a Custom site pattern that extract the links and other pattern that give a bolean result if a text exists?

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open iframe

Hi, on arstechnica.com a embedded youtube video result in an iframe. however this iframe doesn't get closed and screws my rss reader. i stripped iframes in a custom config but a closed iframe tag would ...

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Returning all the information from a short feed.

FTR does a great job of returning the full-text data from a page in an element called "description", but how do you make FTR also return the existing elements that were in the short RSS feed. For exam...

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Error while running Full Text RSS

We have purchased the FullText Rss and uploaded it in our site and when we were using it for about 2 weeks but suddenly we are getting message as "unable to retrieve full-text content" when we ...

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Items per feed limit (Self-hosted version)

I have version 2.8 (the one that is freely available) installed. I'm wondering how I would go about getting a feed with no limit. Or, is that something that's only available in the newer versions (...

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Errors on OS X Lion Server

I have build 2.8 on my local Lion server AND an external server that I don't control. Both server return OK on the compatibility page. But both of them still spit this error: Warning: Couldn't fetc...

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Paragraph limit

I'm using the self-hosted version on a user submitted news site and would like to limit the total amount of content added to a feed article. I've searched the forum(s) and the closest topic I found wa...

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A problem and a suggestion

I've had some problems with trying to create a feed where items contain only one image and nothing else. I've tried to do it with the following line but it seems to always return an empty description....

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†in my feed output

I am getting this symbol †in my feeds and also the five filters script is not pulling in the images from the original rss feed. Is there a way to fix these two issues? Thanks

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Adding custom image or text under the Title.

Please help me to insert custom image(jpg) just below the title and subheading.

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