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Failed URL?

Hi I'am traing URL http://tsaricino.mos.ru/presscenter/officially/ Why is ruslt failed? URL is works in Chrome.

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Filter-out special characters from feed (Created rss feed is invalid)

Hi, I use the Feed Creator (self hosting) to create feeds for all my SoundCloud subscriptions (~1800). Unfortunately some artists use "special" characters in their track titles. If they do that the f...

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I have multiple kindles, one for my child and one for me.

Can I use more than 1 address in a sustainer account, or is it 1 email per account?

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Any news on being able to name a Pastepad document. I have twenty or more Pastepad documents on my Kindle now that are named "Untitled from pastepad.fivefilters.org". Finding the right document typica...

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"Unable to retrieve full text" is obtained if the links in the feed are in arabic characters

Hello, Nice script, thank you "Unable to retrieve full text" is obtained if the links in the feed are in arabic characters. This occurs only in self-hosted script. However when the same feed is used...

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Ampersand Substitute?

I've recently purchased a fivefilters premium package and I'm a very contented customer. I use ff-premium with my legacy PDAs since their browsers can't function on today's web--but I...

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Extracting Full-Text RSS as plain text

Is there a way to get the RSS content as plain text only (no html tags)? If so, which version would I need to use?

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Style Attribute In HTML Tags

I'm sorry for my poor English. When the results are outputted, I'd like to include style attribute(style="~~~") to tags. <p>Hello, world!</p> ↓ <p style="color: red...

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Access denied on governmental website

I'm trying to set up Full-Text RSS on a feed from a German gov website, but I get an access denied — instead of the feed I get a message that my request was refused. Is there anything I can do to bypass...

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Image Caching

Hi, if i enabled the cache feature why the image file is not cached? Is there a way to cache image to our server? Thank you

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