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une partie seulement du texte est envoyée, non son intégralité. Comment envoyer la totalité d'un article ?

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loop through multiple feed in php

Hi, i succesfully installed full-text-rss-3.7 in my host, i want to extract multiple article from a single site, i have no problem with single article but i want to know if there are example in php for retrieve...

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I'm trying to create a siteconfig for a bunch of sites (I will upload them on GitHub if they're done). I've mostly been successful except that I'm getting stuck with attributes like these: ...

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Import videos

Hi I can import aparat videos with following site config for dbazi.com But i can't import video for other site like that zoomit.ir, zoomg.ir and techshot.ir I think these sites use jwplayer (https://ww...

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Problem with images

For a few feeds, even though Full Text is able to extract images perfectly when viewed from the browser, the moment I add the feed to a feed reader, the image fail to get imported. There's no issue wit...

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hide block

hi how can i hide same block in config file? thank

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extract only the url video

I would like to extract only the url video (for example a youtube video) strip the iframe and add the extracted url to the feed. Is this possible? Example: (Original website) <p>Example content wit...

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image problem

hi full text can't detect original picture of th posts that show 85x85 picture link: http://ftr.fivefilters.org/makefulltextfeed.php?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.dbazi.com%2Ffeed%2F&max=3 please fix it t...

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featuring image problem

hi full text can't Include post featuring image and excerpt in posts of http://www.zoomit.ir/feed also can't detect picture in: http://www.sakhtafzarmag.com/?format=feed please fix it thank you

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Stripping twitter/sharing image

Is there any way to strip a 'sharing image'? It is usually contained in <meta content="http://example.com/example.jpg" property="og:image" /> or something like that. I tri...

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