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Cannot get it to work after installation

I loaded the folder on my server and the requirements test passes, but if I insert a link through the interface it returns me: " Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function Masterminds\HTML...

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Help with ortneronline.at?

Can someone help with http://www.ortneronline.at/feed/?

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Bolding Not Enabled

Any plans to update things so that the newer formatting (which includes the ability to adjust bolding) is implemented? Thanks, Al

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wrong content with full-text rss

URL: https://www.fluentin3months.com/pocket-to-kindle/ Full-text RSS OR Push to Kindle´╝î while fetch this url, will get the wrong content. Thx

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admin login not working

Hello, I just purchased the bundle version (self hosted). My first question and concern regarding "full_rss_text": why can't I get properly the admin login page even after updating both config ...

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Code parts loading in only one line

Good afternoon, I am using Full-Text 3.5 to load some websites from a rss source (You can use this feed for example https://www.mikesdotnetting.com/feed) and I'm finding that the code blocks are format...

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double titles

almost all of my feeds have double titles (title repeats itself) after fulltextrss gets hold of them how can i end this antisocial and sociopathic behavior?

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button press

There is a site of author's comics and translations, acomics.ru. For a long time I use it and there is RSS feed with subscriptions. Found a way to get the contents, an example. https://acomics.ru/~Dark-...

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Syntax of "http_header(cookie):" for Multiple Cookies

The release notes of version 3.5 only say "http_header(cookie): Blablabla" about the syntax of the cookie header. How to set multiple cookies? Some of the tries I made: http_header(cookie): a=te...

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The text has not been sent completelly and I've tried 3 times already.

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