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hello, i'm trying to use &strip_if_text=saison to remove all items does contain the word saison but it's case sensitive. it mean it doesn't remove words "Saison" cause S is upper...

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Feed Creator CSS Selectors

What, if any, CSS selectors are supported in targeting specific elements that don't contain classes/IDs?

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How do I add a title for the article in pastepad? is cool! But if I paste an article in it, there will be no title for it. How can I add a title? Thanks!

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[Feature request] RSS2Newletter : caching content and periodical automatic PDF generation then email

Hi, Your service is great BUT I'm afraid that for companies wanting to use it for automatic report generating... it's useless. Nowadays, there's no service proposing this (AMHO) usefull featu...

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