Unable to paste text in PastePad

I'm using Push to Kindle and unable to paste text in PastePad. The cut/copy/paste functions are not working. Any suggestions?

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Media Explorer asks for Java, but it is already installed

I tried your Media Explorer tool, but it gave an error, saying "To view this content, you need to install Java from" I have Java 8.91 installed. How shall I proceed to gain the Media Explo...

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Installation Instructions

Do you have a set of instructions/link for how to install and configure a FiveFilters server?

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Using FiveFilters to Feed Content to CMS

We have ways to pull RSS content directly into our CMS (Joomla) to automatically populate articles for review by our editors. Not all the content sources we want to access have RSS feeds, which require manual ...

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Feed Creater - Additional Fields

Hi does the self-hosted version allow you to scrape additional fields? Instead of just scraping the link, could I also scrape other fields associated with the post, that way I could pass more information to the...

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Feed Creator RSS Problem

Why is it that when using the RSS feed with excerpt option it only retrieves last 3 articles but when just using RSS headlines it retrieves all previous 10? Is there a way to retrieve all 10 using excerpt optio...

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Browser UserAgent

I'm testing the CreateFeed tool and when trying to create a feed from a page, it redirects to a different page because it detects the browser as being IE and a version < 7. What user agent does your to...

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Feed Creator - Between the Divs

I am evaluating Feed Creator and I seem to be stuck on something extremely simple. I cannot seem to get the code to post what's a div line and make the URL the second link. Example: <div class='...

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Create Feed from webpage

Hi, I wanted to create a rss feed from the following links: 1. posts from 2. posts from 3. trailers from I tried to ge...

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Feed Creator - Title Attribute as Description

Hi, <a href="url" class="question-link" title="CQuestion Content">Question Title</a> Is it possible to get the content in the title attribute as the item descriptio...

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