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Pdf newspaper AND push to kindle

Hi I would like to have a pdf newspaper generated daily or weekly, and then sent to my kindle. Is that possible?

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Strict standard error

In PDFNewspaper script, v 2.4, give error: Strict Standards: Declaration of NewspaperPDF::Write() should be compatible with TCPDF::Write Please, what can be done to avoid this error?

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Make PDF Newspaper

Hi, Just wondering if you are still supporting Make PDF Newspaper for Wordpress. I have wordpress 3.5.1 and your plugin is not working. It appears it has not been updated for a while. Do you have an updated ...

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New TCPDF version

Hello, Do you plan to update the code to the last version of tcpdf ? I try just to update the library and this is crashing... I'm looking for a newer version as I want to have SVG content in the PDF...

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Header in PDF newspaper

Hello, Is it possible to swap an image instead of the heading, and ALSO to keep a subheading as well? For example, I want to create a PDF that has the website logo, and then have a subheading underneath that...

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Image header in PDF

Hello, I bought your software and install it on my server. In your config.php we can specify an image that can be use in the header. But I don't understand how to have it in the PDF instead of the ...

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RSS file to PDF (from local PC disk drive)

Hello, Thanks for your PDF Newspaper tool, very usefull. But I have a question please: Is it possible to convert a local RSS file (HTML page) to PDF? I mean RSS or HTML are on local disk drive (On my PC). ...

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how to get the free version for free ?

hi I just found this tool which sounds exactly what I would need. Even better - it is provided as free sw under the agpl3. But then when I want to download, I can only see the 20usd version including suppor...

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images are not reproduced

Hallo, I set "images=true" in the configuration of the "Create PDF" Bookmarklet, but no images appear in the created pdf. What can/should I configure/do? The javascript code of the ...

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