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How can I remove the date from the subheader line (I would like the subheader to fit alone, and if possibly, centered on the line)? Thanks!

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pdf newspaper error

Hi There. I am trying out your pdf newpaper hosted on my local machine. When i try to parse an article, i get "Sorry, we couldn't produce the desired result after processing 0 items.". The same a...

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Limit of 10 articles per RSS feed

Hello, Why do you limit the number of RSS articles converted to PDF to 10 maximum ? I would like to be able to choose the range of dates & import as many articles as the RSS would include. Is that ...

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How can i get pdf newspaper ?

Hi, with the personal licence (20euros) i have pdf newspaper too ?

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no byline

is there a way to get the byline (name of author) from wordpress rss feed?

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Wordpress plugin - pre-sales question

Can FiveFilters be used from within the Wordpress Dashboard (as a plugin) for an Editor to generate a PDF from Wordpress articles or have I missed something?

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Font used to create PDF

Two questions: 1) How to control the default font and font size that are used to generate the PDF? 2) Regardless of how you control the default font, is there a way to add additional fonts into the font fol...

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Error Message: TCPDF ERROR: Could not include font definition file: courier

I just want to start by saying that PDF Newspaper is the highest-quality website-to-PDF converter I've found. Not only is it easy to use, but the typography in the PDF is refreshingly clean. It's a ...

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non breaking article

Is it possible to make some code improvement to avoid column-break or page-break between article-title and article-content? Well you can see in example: http://issuu.com/lokalnahrvatska/docs/lokalna-hrva...

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Dear Keyvan, is it possible to add big cover image between header and first page with two column RSS and is it possible to mix image and title in header? in example: ....... img header | title ------- img ...

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