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Pdf Newspaper down?

Is the Pdf creation down? No matter what url I try I either get a 500 server error or the message "Sorry, we couldn't produce the desired result after processing 0 items." Example: http://p...

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How can I remove the date from the subheader line (I would like the subheader to fit alone, and if possibly, centered on the line)? Thanks!

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pdf newspaper error

Hi There. I am trying out your pdf newpaper hosted on my local machine. When i try to parse an article, i get "Sorry, we couldn't produce the desired result after processing 0 items.". The same a...

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Limit of 10 articles per RSS feed

Hello, Why do you limit the number of RSS articles converted to PDF to 10 maximum ? I would like to be able to choose the range of dates & import as many articles as the RSS would include. Is that ...

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How can i get pdf newspaper ?

Hi, with the personal licence (20euros) i have pdf newspaper too ?

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no byline

is there a way to get the byline (name of author) from wordpress rss feed?

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Wordpress plugin - pre-sales question

Can FiveFilters be used from within the Wordpress Dashboard (as a plugin) for an Editor to generate a PDF from Wordpress articles or have I missed something?

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Font used to create PDF

Two questions: 1) How to control the default font and font size that are used to generate the PDF? 2) Regardless of how you control the default font, is there a way to add additional fonts into the font fol...

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Error Message: TCPDF ERROR: Could not include font definition file: courier

I just want to start by saying that PDF Newspaper is the highest-quality website-to-PDF converter I've found. Not only is it easy to use, but the typography in the PDF is refreshingly clean. It's a ...

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non breaking article

Is it possible to make some code improvement to avoid column-break or page-break between article-title and article-content? Well you can see in example: http://issuu.com/lokalnahrvatska/docs/lokalna-hrva...

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